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Does your dog suffer with anxiety? Need to loose that excess weight? Have a low immune system? Or Bad breath? Our New and improved All In One supplement formula can help!

Why not try our tested and proven “All In One” formula which has been recommended by vets nationwide. Our all in one formula consists of natural and organic ingredients making this product hypoallergenic and rich in antioxidants, antiviral & antimicrobial properties that can help diminish the painful effects of arthritis, elevate mood and provide a natural remedy for stress & anxiety. Our formula also contains anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties which can provide a boost to the digestive system and sooth nausea, as well as improve circulation.

Does your dog need to loose excess weight? Our all in one formula will give a boost to the metabolism and helps accelerate weigh loss. It also provides benefits for cardiovascular, joint & brain health, can provide some relief from arthritis, cancer & anaemia.  We have added some extra herbal remedies to reduce your dogs bad breath which is caused by certain foods within their diet. Fibre, vitamins and minerals will help improve organ function, flush toxins from the body and improve bad breath. 200g (20 Day Course, improvements in your dogs health can be seen after 5 days of using our “All In One” formula)

Other health benefits:

  • Improves skin & hair growth
  • Contains 60 minerals including iodine & 12 vitamins
  • Helps support healthy bones, joints and limbs
  • Improves amino acids and biological activity in diet
  • Reduces dryness & itchiness
  • Certified organic by the organic farmers & growers association
  • Improves balance of feed nutrition & absorption
  • Promotes metabolic activity and improves digestion

Feeding guide:

Sprinkle up to 5g (1tsp) onto your dogs wet, dry or raw foods twice daily.

If your dog has any thyroid disorders, are taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult you vet before taking any supplements, Do not feed to your dog in the last four months of pregnancy.

Ingredients: 100% natural seaweed, contains a wide range of vitamins & 60 minerals trace elements and amino acids, organic basil, nettle, ginger, parsley, dandelion & herbs.

Formulas have all been laboratory tested & approved by UKAS.

Storage: Please store in a cool and dry place away from any direct sunlight or heat source.


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